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Friday, October 22, 2010

Bearing One Another's Burdens

Bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ. – Galatians 6:2

I am going to be honest with everyone; I do not bear burdens well. I am one of those individuals that God has given the ability to sense pain and feel broken over it. I have had people tell me things, some of their deepest hurts and regrets, and afterwards they seem uplifted and I am just crushed. I will listen to anyone; friend or foe alike, I like to understand people because then it helps me better to communicate and connect with them. However, it takes a heavy toll on me, especially if there are multiple problems.

For instance:

I had a friend this week tell me that they made a really poor sexual choice while at college; I choice that I had guessed but had not been certain. Even though they have dealt with it and now are living in the love and grace of Christ, I am hearing about it for the first time; I am devastated for them. I see what this has done to their lives; I see what kind of pain and anguish they have had to experience because of it. It makes me mourn that much more.

I have another friend who admitted to me not to long ago that they are tired of giving themselves to people and getting nothing in return. They are tired of pouring their lives into people who they honestly have no more to pour into. In desperation, this friend asked me what to do. I directed them to God as the source of all love and wisdom. Even though they are better, they still are not able to find the relational connections to satisfy them.

Then there is the friend who never stops working, hoping that It will mean their big break.

Then there is the friend who does not want to live at home one more second than they have to because their dad is a tyrant.

Then there is the friend who is battling depression and longing, because they are here and they think they should be where their comrades are.

Then there is the friend who is having issues with the consequences of showing love; they are being taken advantaged of and stressed out.

Finally, there is the friend who is standing for Jesus Christ and as a result they may lose custody rights to their kid.

My friends from all walks of life are hurting and for the last few days, while battling sickness, I have been hurting with them. I have been bearing the burden of praying for them and even when I am not making direct petition, their face is in my head and their pain in my heart. I have always been a really selfish pray-er; so I praise God that he has granted me the sensitivity and privilege to love and serve my friends as I have been able to do.

To my friends, I love you all…you are in my prayers. If there were some way to alleviate your hurts, I would. Since there is not much I can do; I will continue to thank God for you and ask him to hold you, on your behalf.

Grace and Peace


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