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Thursday, November 4, 2010

More than but not Less than a Feeling

In joy, in sorrow I reap

A wonder to which a heart

Can rarely fathom: his

Love so strong and deep

A feeling you say? Yes,

More than that but not

Less than that which must

Come from my own chest

It is so much more than

Emotions that ebb and wane;

Lifting up all of my endless

Longing, dust in a fan

Yet, it is something I feel

With every inch of being;

A weight that is no burden,

Love iron-branded, sealed

It is he who lives in me;

He it his who burns like

Fire, drawing me into

His love’s raging heat

For he is to me more

Than what men dare

Dream or hope, he is

So, so devoted; I adore

He will be with me for-

Ever we shall greet each

Other as if we had

Met just seconds before


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