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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ten Big Picture Goals for 2011

So, everyone needs goals right? I have never been a fan of big picture goals; often the big picture is too unpredictable. But maybe that is the problem; maybe I am concerned too much with how “unpredictable” the future is.

So, here go my ten goals for 2011:

Get employed; make a difference

It is time for me to find a place to work and this time, I am sending out resumes not just to get interviews or to get hired, but to make connections. As Seth Godin points out, today’s economy is about connections and making a noticeable difference; I have suffered too long for lack of connections and it is time to do something about it. Then, if I get an opportunity; I am going to make a difference with Christ.

Pursue my MDiv; get to seminary

I am planning on applying to several seminaries and speaking with several counselors about what can be done to get me to their seminary and integrate me into seminary life. It will not be easy but the point is to be able to survive, not to be able to thrive (though both would admittedly be nice).

Be a part of ministry; learn to serve

While working is certainly an opportunity and a needed source of income, I do not want lose sight on what is important: ministering to the needs of people and learning how to pastor and lead a church.

Get healthy; establish a exercise routine

I have spent too much of my life being unhealthy and it produces numerous issues for me physically. In order to be all that God would have me to be, I need to get into a healthy and vigorous regimen of exercise and maybe even dieting.

Grow deeply; commune with God

As an academically inclined person it is soooo easy for me to fall into a pattern of just reading words and doing studies and thinking I am actually spending time with God. I need to begin seeing God in any and every activity or situation that I am involved with and begin to listen to his voice.

Give generously; sacrifice not surplus

It is very easy for me to give when I have a lot, but when I have almost nothing, that is when the wallet is clasped tighter. I desire to be able to not just give but to give sacrificially not just to the church but also to individuals in need and organizations that make a difference.

Love deeply; having compassion on those who don’t love me

Jesus said that it was easy to love those who love you; pagans can do that. However, when we         love those who hate us or whom we will not gain anything from, that is the kind of love that comes from God and changes the world.

Waste not; end the frivolous loss of money and time

I have found that I waste lots of my time and money doing meaningless and useless things. I want to drastically cut down on this so as to be a better steward of the life that God has given me.

Embrace singleness; aspire to purity and patience

The DNOW I helped out with taught me a lot about my carelessness when it comes to purity and being patient for God to show me the right timing for any romantic relationships. I hope that I will begin to live in purity, thus being faithful to God even if I never do get married.

Take courage; do something amazing

It seems like a weird goal, but I need to always be pushing my limits. God has placed on my heart several things that I will continue to consider and pray over. I hope that I will do something that only he has the power to allow me to do. This is purely for the glory of God.

Are these very specific? No, but I think that I can bring some application points to each of them, which I might be willing to do next time…so keep reading.

Grace and Peace


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