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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Just Sittin' and Thinkin'

A guy at my church, walked up to me tonight and said, “I was reading your stuff today (ie facebook activity); do all you do is sit around and think? What you need is a job.”

I am not offended by this at all; I wholeheartedly agree with the young man’s assessment: instead of sitting around, I should be working.
However, if he assumes that will lower the amount of thinking I do; he is so incorrect.

He is right; I could think while working and I would prefer to think and work at the same time. In fact, I think better when I have a regular schedule and I have to manage my time. I become focused, alert, and aware of what is important. I do my best thinking and find most of my inspiration out while living; thus, inspiration is somewhat lessened of late.

I need to be in a job; a job where I have to form relationships with strangers, a job where I am constantly being told what to do and how to do it, and one where I am being challenged to go above and beyond myself. Now, any job could provide this and if you are saying your prayers tonight, kindly point out to God that any job will suffice and will likely force me to depend on him and make me more like Christ.
Yet, what if I keep throwing out these applications left and right; I apply for every service industry/fast food/whatever under the sun (really hard manual labor is out because I would just get fired for being a wimp within a week; no need to add “I got fired” to my already horrible resume) and God just does not let me have a job? I mean what am I supposed to do then, create my own job? (Well, technically when God does allow me start a church that is what I will be doing) There is only so much I can do.

Trust me, I want to move on in life; get a car and head to seminary. I want to begin paying my own bills, but right now that is just not possible.

If you really want me to have a job (don’t think it will cramp my thinking, writing, reading…it won’t); then you need to join me in praying that God would open something up, but then again thousands of people are praying the same prayer right now, but they are trying to save their homes from being foreclosed on or to keep their kids from going hungry.

I would rather God give them the jobs first.

Grace and Peace


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