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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

DNOW: Pure Joy (TLW) Week – Entry 2

Praise God for a complete night sleep. Over the last few evenings I have gotten around six hours on average.

I cannot function in a high stress setting with so little sleep.

I have been praying and will soon be praying again for God to open up the heaven of brass and pour out his words and fill me with his Spirit, so that I can have something to say to these guys coming up in three days.

I was exhausted, but before I went to sleep, I prayed for help; I prayed for a spirit of desperation and brokenness.

Because you see, it so easy to operate in my gift set without God’s help.

Or at least it used to be.

All the creativity and ingenuity I normally have when doing this sort of thing is gone; replaced by a gaping hole where my gifts should be. It is almost as if God took them away because he knew I would lean on them.

It is almost as if God wants me to beg for them back, but not so I can complete this DNOW, but so that I can realize who it is who own these gifts and why it is not the gifts that matter but the close walk with
God, the gift giver.

So, without the empowerment of the Spirit, I feel off kilter and kind of nervous; I don’t like to be in this position.

This morning if you read this, pray for desperation and brokenness; pray that God gives the words not only to teach these kids but that pierce my own heart as well.

Grace and Peace

PS: I still have lots of house cleaning to do, church is tonight, and then I will probably be over at a friend’s house. I need to put in those applications but right now, I just don’t have the time. Each one is going to take about an hour; that is two hours I do not have. Tomorrow, is packed full of things and I will not be back in the house till like 3 ish; shortly after I will meet with my “Timothy” for the first time (or at least one of them, the other one, I was informed yesterday, suffered some sort of head injury and will be back around shortly). Then, DNOW needs setting up on Friday; once that is done, I will need to race back here and finish last minute cleaning and stuff like that.

Please pray.



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