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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

DNOW: Pure Joy (TLW) Week – Entry 4

The Lord has graciously provided my first session and I am excited about what he has to say to all of us.

Including me.

You can bet that I will read all of this over and that I will wrestle with it and make sure that God wants me to say it. I never teach something I don’t take to heart.

However, I am glad that God has begun to pour into me the words he wants to say. The kids will have the books and they will be able to read through the sessions and the material, but rather than just give them word for word from the book; I have supplemented by doing my homework and expounded the theme into something that makes this stuff manageable and gives some meat for chewing.

Here is the takeaway that I devised from the session just for your consideration:

- Emotions, when not under control can play havoc with your life and leave you with consequences that you will have to live with.

- Emotions, in of themselves, are not bad. However, you cannot trust your emotions by themselves because our hearts are corrupted by sin; emotions can push you, but they cannot lead you.
- Emotions, when submitted to God, are conduits for the love and blessings of God to overflow out of your life into the lives of others.

- Emotions, if they are to be pure, must be submitted to a desire for and contentment to God as he is and what he has done in our lives.

- Emotions are necessary for a relationship with God and if we have not desire for God and for what God reveals to us in the Scriptures, then we need to take care of that immediately.
Grace and Peace



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