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Sunday, November 14, 2010

DNOW: Pure Joy (TLW) Week – Entry 8

Well, the sessions are over and the guys are just hanging out and relaxing.

I refuse to reflect on all of this yet; I am still in the midst of it and I have to live in the now.

However, I will say that God has spoken to me, if no one else, about recent compromises in purity. I know that there are some things that I need to act on in repentance and I am going to go about doing that. But more importantly something else in me has healed. I have not dated someone since Christmas of 2009. I kind of filtered with another relationship that summer but God put a stop to it. I have been single now almost two years; I have not had the best of histories with relationships. There are a lot of things I regret doing; if I could turn back time I would.

But I cannot and I think that I am ready to completely let that part of my life go.
I don’t want to be married; I don’t want to be dating. I want to be single; I want to be independent and free. I want to be able to go anywhere and do anything God wants me to do at the drop of the hat. I really have not inclinations to constantly worry about someone else.

But I am starting to reflect, aren’t I?

Purity is pursued in and out of relationship; if I never get married (which is possible, but not likely) I need to be able to practice sexual purity as well as purity in other areas of life.

God can supply what we are willing to give away; are we willing to give it up?

Grace and Peace



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