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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dear Friend

Dear Friend,

What made you decide that your life and happiness was going to be determined by other people? Why have you given such power into the hands of mere mortals who will not only let you down, but may even stab you in the back? Quit looking for others to make you happy; your joy shall not be found in folks who are here today and gone tomorrow. You too, will not last for very long; so why waste it trying to please men rather than please God?

You say you are looking for love; but do you even know what love is? How can you find something if you have not ever experienced it, if you do not know its power? God is love, but every time he opens up the opportunity for you to rest content in him, you will not. You spurn his offering of true love and instead chase phantom delusions of romantic fancy. You trade the only love that will make you whole for something less that cannot help but leave a hole.

She cannot make you complete; neither can she. She cannot even satisfy herself, how dare you insist that she can satisfy you? She is still finding herself, perhaps she is also looking for love, but she won’t get it from you because you do not even know who love is! She will pass you by every time because she is looking for someone to love her who is greater than you; who knows a love that far exceeds anything that your poor soul can give.

Give her up! She is elusive and the power of your desire can only lead to lust and catastrophe! She cannot give you what you seek, for what you seek can only be found in God! He alone can satisfy the longing for Eden that has been implanted on your soul; the reshaping and christening of his image is the only way to finally receive the peace you desperately seek.

Stop searching for love my dear friend, for love has come to find you.

Grace and Peace


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