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Sunday, November 14, 2010

DNOW: Pure Joy (TLW) Week – Entry 7

I write this while staying back from the Scavenger Hunt to pray over and practice my Session.

This is a big one.

We have talked about mind, heart, and spirit…now we are going to talk about the body.

Our bodies are temples; pieces of the Temple of God.

So, why then do we clog it slap full with idols? Why must we cram it completely overflowing with defilement? It is almost as if we don’t really believe that we are temples. Maybe it has something to do with our “edifice complex” regarding the church building; I honestly don’t know. There is just a disconnect with the refuse we let our bodies get filled with and the biblical call to a holy life.

I mean our entertainment is our biggest stumbling block; what we allow our bodies to be exposed to is often a plethora of dirty jokes, sexually provocative images, vulgar profanity, and even values and beliefs that directly attempt to refute the word of God.

So, what am I saying? Do we have to stop watching TV, listening to anything but Christian music, and going to movies?

I am not making that call; what I am saying is that we need to actively partake in entertainment and be willing to shut it off or walk it out if it becomes absolutely intolerable and offensive to the Holy Spirit.

I guess that is part of the suffering that leads to glory.

After all, if we are seeking to honor God are we really missing that much in exchange for our purity?

Father, help us to be aware of the idols that we justify existing in our temples; may we be willing to purge them and restore you to your place of rightful worship.


Grace and Peace



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