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Friday, November 12, 2010

DNOW: Pure Joy (TLW) Week – Entry 6

Session 2 is done and Session 4 is a work in progress…progress that will arrive at the proper destination hopefully tomorrow.

I am relieved and yet at the same time there is still fear and trepidation; I take this subject so carelessly. Like tonight, for instance, I watched your typical Late Night TV (I am big fan of Conan O’Brian) and within two hours I have been bombarded with sleaze and filth. No, it wasn’t hard core porn or a Lewis Black routine; but it was still trash.

I am watching this on the night before the DNOW.

I know I seem to be too hard on myself and yeah, I am being a little tough. However, how easy is it for me to use that as an excuse to bail on purity? How many times have I raped the grace of God so that I could go ahead and justify my entertainment, food, or other choices?

God understands, right?

We’re losing kids left and right…this is not a debatable fact; our kids are leaving the Church and they are leaving the faith. We are in some desperate times because reproductive growth is coming mostly from internal rather than external. So, the only means of positive church growth is being cut off.

Our children are abandoning ship.

Are we sinking? Are we clinging to a vessel that just keeps taking on water? Is there hope for us to be examples of purity and holiness covered with God’s love?

Pastor Tim is right; Jesus is the only hope for the world and he has chosen to use his Church to spread the Gospel of his salvation. If our own children don’t believe it, why should the rest of the unbelieving world? If we don’t believe it, why should our children believe it?

Get prepared; this is not for the faint of heart.

Grace and Peace



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